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To meet the growing worldwide demand for energy while preparing for the future.

North West Oil is working in the world market at the highest professional level.

We provide services with highly experienced professional, who work with the clients all over the world

The focus is on the acquisition and reactivation of oil and gas fields to expand these to a maximum production by modern methods. The objective is occupying niches that appear uninteresting and not lucrative enough for large corporations. The Company relies on a slender structure in the company's management and on the integration of external professional partners.

Our proposed technology showed very good results on the toughest oil wastes. The main advantages of our technology is the low initial investment and the simplicity of deployment.

North West Oil is an independent company with a clear focus on oil exploration and oil regeneration projects which has a direct and rapid access to geological surveyors, geologists and scientist.

Our Mission

At North West Oil, we are a team of nimble and skilled employees who are committed to building an energy company that embraces change and delivers unparalleled value to our customers.

Here are our main goals:

  • Become the Responsible Energy Major
  • Protecting people
  • Responding to Environmental Challenges
  • Helping to foster shared development
  • Being a responsible employer
  • Orient on Better Results
  • Make Shares and Dividends


Why People Choose Us

We Are Innovative

To meet the energy needs, we continually innovate to produce sustainable and responsible solutions in oil and gas, solar energy, and bioenergies.

We Develop and Transform

We do so much more to improve your daily life. Our industrial expertise in transforming oil and gas helps to produce a wide range of everyday items.

We Are Trade Experts

We bring energy from producing regions all the way to consumer hubs, working across a long, complex logistics chain.


We have a team of experts who help us to grow and stay a leading provider on the industry.

Our professionals work to provide the best services to our clients, partners and investors. They all have years of professional experience and high expertise in gas and oil industry.

Michael Ende


The leader of our global work in energy, basic materials, education, operations, and public institutions.

Dr. Alexander Sergienko


Dr. Alex bring over 40 years international physical, chemical as well oil and ga technical and business leadership experience to impact. He has spent over 20 years with developing and researching several unique and advanced technologies.

Nicholas Bures

Operator and Representative USA

Mr. Nicholas Bures is CEO of Mystic Energy Services LLC. He is our partner for all Operation Services and therefore for the overall management and development of our oil wells in Kentucky. The cooperation with Mystic Energy Services LLC. also gives us access to further interesting oil projects in the USA. The management has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Tom Hoeder


Financial expert with long experience, geological background and deep understanding of the markets.

Bill O'neal


Brings clients deep specialist expertise in oil and gas and leads our work on strategy and capital projects in the sector

Operator and Representative USA

Mystic Energy Services LLC.

Mystic Energy Services LLC is our contractor for the operation services of all Kentucky Wells as well for some future United States developments. Each of their supervisors have over 20-year experience in the oil and gas industry.


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