Our major projects

To meet the growing worldwide demand for energy while preparing for the future.

Take a look inside some of our major projects to see how human ingenuity pushes technical boundaries to safely and efficiently deliver energy helping to meet rising global demand.

North West Oil works on some of the large projects in the USA, providing some of the leading oil and gas jobs in the region.

Alabama 1

The Alabama 1-Prospect consists of Eight (8) developmental wells to be drilled in areas of known production. The use of proprietary seismic data will allow the pinpointing of locations to drill with recoverable reserves, overlooked in previous drilling eras. These shallow wells (3600’+) will primarily target Carter Sand, Lewis Sand, Benton Sand and Fayette Sand with several other Secondary Targets. Three (3) Water Injection Wells will be drilled to more economically dispose of water associated with oil and gas production in the area.

Warren County, Kentucky

Location- In Warren County, Kentucky the “Whittaker Lease” located at , Bowling Green, Kentucky offers several offset oil drills on 6000 acre oil leases located in the heart of proven oil reserves.

This Whittaker Project has been researched by the University of Kentucky and deemed to be one of the best locations for oil production and development in this area. The Whittaker lease is in Warren County nearby the City of Bowling Green and is surrounded by several producing oil wells.


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